DeAnn Desilets - Photographer & Educator

Collaboration Station

The past few months I have been working on a collaboration series with my friend Carly Comando. She is an amazing composer and musician. I have finally decided to share some of the work here with you. When we began this project it was just to keep each other accountable to create new work for ourselves. It is so easy to have your imagination and energy kiboshed when you create for other people all day. When do you get to make art for yourself?

This collaboration is not like others. We create each piece for each other and deliver it like a present. When I open a score from her, I get inspired and create an image for it. And then in return, I will create her an image, and then she will write a new piece to it. It has enabled us to both try and reach out of our boxes. No judgement, just keeping it experimental, and mostly fun.

All the images have been based on our personal interpretation of how the work makes us feel. So far at least on my end, she has nailed every mood of every image. It tickles me. To read more about Carly and her own personal work and her work with her husband Tom, adventure here! 

I will continue the posts as we create them as well.

(Each image belongs to the song below it.)