DeAnn Desilets - Photographer & Educator

Who am I?

As an artist, I have always been drawn to simple ideas with strong contexts.  I look to express the human and environmental condition around us by making a connection through a shared experience.

Inspiration comes in keeping my imagination and eyes open to what is in my surroundings. Childhood memories of running free in the woods and creating my own worlds have been staples through my entire body of work. Pulling from made up stories, known fairy tales and museum dioramas my work aims to create emotional connections that hearken back to the days of my youth.

At that point in our lives the world is a pile of blank books where every emotion, reaction, experience is new and exciting. By revisiting these feelings in the world around us we can stop and pause to reflect on what may have been lost, and gain new perspective about where we are in our lives, our world, and our environment.